The Centre des Arts de Stanstead (CAS) is a not-for-profit organization started by Gabriel Safdie. For over a decade, the Centre des Arts de Stanstead has been bringing arts and culture to Stanstead and the surrounding area. Artists and volunteers alike have been working towards a common vision of developing the arts scene in Stanstead. An important part of this vision is the redevelopment of the Border Theatre which will provide a modern space for artistic and cultural events and will spark economic development that will see the historically rich Stanstead fulfill its potential as a lively and prosperous border town.


Centre des Arts Stanstead Board of Directors

Gabriel Safdie, Chairman 
Eva Juul, Vice-Chair
Sharda Guptar, Secretary 
Kent Hovey-Smith, Member
Reford MacDougall, Member



Luce Couture, Director of Programming
Sandra Sciangula, Managing Director

Border Theatre Redevelopment Advisory Council

Antoine Dionne-Charest
Philip Webster

Donald Sutherland, Honourary Member
Jacqueline Belleau
Eric Gauthier
Scott Griffin
Rebecca Lessard
Andrew Molson
Julie Quenneville