Le Centre des arts de Stanstead (CAS) hosts numerous live theatrical and musical performances a year. As a non-profit organization and registered charity, CAS strives to offer free or affordable entertainment options for locals and visitors alike. Performances take place in and around Stanstead, including the iconic Stanstead Stone Circle, and legendary Haskell Opera House.

Théâtre Sans Frontières – The old Border Theatre

The redevelopment of the Théâtre sans frontières – The Old Border Theatre is important to CAS and the town of Stanstead on many levels. Firstly, it will act as a pivotal venue for performance, cinema, exhibitions, talks and events in the heart of downtown Stanstead. Secondly, it will help spark economic development in Stanstead and revive it as the lively and prosperous border town it once was.


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The CAS is not alone in its dream of bringing back the Théâtre sans frontières – The Old Border Theatre:

Border Theatre Redevelopment Advisory Council

Antoine Dionne-Charest, Co-presidents
Philip Webster, Co-presidents



Donald Sutherland, Honourary Member
Jacqueline Belleau
Eric Gauthier
Scott Griffin
Rebecca Lessard
Andrew Molson
Julie Quenneville

Christian Williams
Michael Wolfe
Michel Lamontagne
Anne-Marie Chave
Paul Carignan
















The History

The original Border Theatre was built in 1912 by the Haskell family, an American family renowned for the construction of the Haskell Free Library and Opera House. Their son was put in charge of Her Majesty’s Theatre, and it was beautifully designed in the art nouveau style of the period.


The cinema house, soon renamed the Border Theatre, quickly became a thriving entertainment facility in the heart of Rock Island (the Town of Stanstead was created in 1995 by merging the former villages of Stanstead Plain, Beebe and the Town of Rock Island). At the time, the Town of Rock Island was a very successful commercial hub that united both sides of the border. 


As cinema evolved from silent films to Hollywood box office hits, the popular venue continued to flourish. Sadly, the building burnt down in 1948, but was soon resurrected and rebuilt, and remained a treasured venue until it was closed in the 1970s. 


The town of Stanstead still misses its Border Theatre. Locals often reminisce about going to the movies and still remember the films they watched. Le Centre des arts de Stanstead hopes to one day bring cinema back to where it belongs. 

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