Art Gallery

Opening hours  

June – September
Thursday – Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Le Vieux Forgeron Art Gallery

When we started our project in 2008, we had acquired an old wooden structure perched on the banks of the Tomifobia river, right between the old Border Theatre and the heritage Eastern Townships Bank.  

The idea came to us that this antique structure would make a wonderful venue for an art gallery.

We have since turned this gem of a building into a thriving art gallery that focuses on promoting local artists as well as artists  from the entire province. The gallery has also a small gift shop that features artisans from the region. Our local blacksmith often sets himself up during vernissages to display his skills with iron, as in fact the building itself was home to the local Rock Island  blacksmith from the 1850s.

The gallery is open for the summer season (June – September) hosting four exhibition of two or more artists. The venue is also used for music and other cultural events. In 2020, we installed an outdoor Artwalk around downtown Stanstead, featuring works from seven local artists.  Their works are displayed in and around popular sites including our natural habitat and our architectural gems unknown to tourists.