Built in 1912 by Martha Steward Haskell as a cinema house to be run by her son as the Border Theatre.  It was completely renovated following a fire in 1948. This venue played a central role in the life of the community until its closing in 1972. It has since sat dormant, but its reactivation into a multi-purpose resource will introduce an element of cultural interactivity to Stanstead’s town core, thereby enhancing the value to any accompanying investments made there.


The theatre, once resurrected, promises not only to add additional lustre to Stanstead’s potential as a locus for both the performing and visual arts and would also act as a hub for ongoing and future efforts in this domain.

Studies have been made to validate the plan to rehabilitate the property as a year-round venue for cinema, live theatre, dance, music, the visual arts and a host of other cultural events. 

The owners of the Border Theatre, longtime residents of the area Gabriel Safdie and Eva Juul, discovered this virtually hidden treasure several years ago and decided it must be saved for its potential as the central venue of the community. The two are strongly associated with Stanstead’s redevelopment, and they envision the Border Theatre engaging all manners of entertainment and becoming the standout attraction for the entire region’s population and tourists alike.

Related objectives are to offer visual arts classes, dance and associated recreation for youth and the community at large, and to bring additional vitality to Stanstead’s historic downtown.