Final Exhibition of the season- Le Vieux Forgeron Gallery
Sunday, Sep 4, 2022
Final Exhibition of the season- Le Vieux Forgeron Gallery

Born to an Armenian mother, Jean Michel Cropsal has always been fascinated by the Middle East and especially by ancient writings, such as Aramaic. In a series of collages forged from abstracted prints, Cropsal explores the representation of language without logic, experimenting instead with form and structure. Cropsal’s latest work is equally inspired by the beautiful landscapes in his home country of Morocco, namely the intricate architecture in the ancient port city of Tetouan, and the black and white medina that shower the landscape.


Combining these collages with traditionally inspired sculptures, paintings, and engravings, Cropsal’s season finale exhibition at the Ye Olde Blacksmith art gallery is surely not one to be missed! The exhibition, titled Nomadic Series 4, will take place from August 18th to September 4th, and will be co-exhibited with the exhibition, The Explorer, by Oscar Antonio. 


     A Venezuelan-Canadian photographer, Oscar Antonio will present his very first exhibition of cityscape, landscape, and architectural photography. Antonio captures moments of stillness in the bustling streets of Montreal, documenting the shapes, geometry, and beauty everpresent in everyday city life. To Antonio, architectural gems like the Jacques Cartier bridge, while just a headache in the middle of rush hour to some, can actually reveal their richness, hidden angles and charm to those who appreciate them. 


      Its own intersection of art and place, do not miss the show’s vernissage on August 20th, from 5 to 7 pm!