By his loving wife: Elise Legrand et Ze Radcliffe Fanfare
Sunday, Sep 18, 2022

Price | 20

Place | Stone Circle Park

Boulevard Notre-Dame O, Stanstead, QC, Canada

Choreography of dance, theatre and music composed of moments of pure madness, humour, complicity and humanity. A surreal celebration oscillating between the absurd and the poetic, inspired by the universal repertoire of festivals, weddings, funerals, processions and other gatherings. An out-of-time and out-of-standard performance that brings together dancers, musicians and spectators, to a soundtrack inspired by Eastern European folklore, performed live by Ze Radcliffe Fanfare. The piece was created in situ at James Simpson-Mitchell Park in Sherbrooke and premiered at the Festival Rivières de Lumières in 2018, and at the Festival Danse Atlantique in Moncton in 2019.  To purchase tickets please visit By His Loving wife - Eventbrite